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What is a Host Agency?

There are many business structures you can align your travel agency with and understanding what makes a host agency different to a franchise or standard home based agency group will help you make the right decision.

A host agency acts as an umbrella agency for home based agents, also known as Independent Contractors, with each agent utilising the host agency's services and credentials. These can include licensing or accreditation, technology, marketing, supplier relationships, client & vendor accounting and more.

In return for these services a host agency typically offers a commission split with their agents plus a monthly management fee. These fees can vary quite dramatically between agencies depending on a range of criteria and the full extent of the services provided, so it pays to compare in detail.

What's the difference between a host agency and other home based agency groups?

In short, a host agency is a more flexible business model. It provides for and supports home based agents in promoting their own brand, with their own trading name, logo, email and website etc. It does not operate as a consumer brand in its own right.

The advantage of this approach is that the agent is truly building their own business, with the host providing all the back end support and marketing to help it grow and prosper.

What services does a host agency typically provide and how do I choose the right one for me?

The level of services and support can vary between host agencies and the different models available to home based agents. Finding the right agency for you will depend on your specific needs, and the search may at first seem daunting and possibly quite confusing.

We encourage you to follow these 4 simple steps

1. Build a vision of your own business

What will it look like? Will you have your own brand? Will you specialize, for example in cruising or groups? Do you want to be known for your cutting edge website or marketing?

2. Research

Visit as many websites as you can that deal with home based agents. Not only in terms of host agencies themselves, but also resource centres devoted to home agents. Find out more about what being home based really means and this will also help in step 1.

3. Contact and question

Prepare a set of questions for potential host agents. When are commissions paid? What products or segments are their strength? What technology is provided? Then contact them and open a dialogue. Don't be afraid to take your time and get to know the contact person and get a feel for the company culture.

4. Make the move

Once you have decided on the best option, make the move. The great thing about joining a host agency is you are not alone. Each party has a vested interest in making the relationship work and you have the support of an experienced team to help you all the way.

So what's the case for Your Travel Centre?

At YTC we believe we offer the most comprehensive suite of inclusions of any home based agency business in Australia. And through our second brand, Cruise Holidays we provide a powerful cruise offering, including a live search and booking facility on every agents individual website. Perhaps most importantly, you can choose to operate under your own trading name and we only market your business, under your brand name, not ours. You are building your own brand equity and if you ever decide to move your business, or sell it, you will have a tangible asset with a brand you have built over time.

Our list of inclusions:

Your own customisable mobile compatible website fully maintained with regularly updated travel products and live cruise, airfare and hotel booking engine

Email newsletter delivered to your database fortnightly with your brand and contacts 

Product & Marketing Manager producing regular travel packages and updating your website for you

Client accounting done for you

Mid Office, CRM and Booking Management System

Choice of GDS

Intranet providing a knowledge centre for our online training, marketing and more

Head Office Support Centre - for technical, processing and product support services

Business Development Manager to provide ongoing support and encouragement

Holiday leave support - up to 4 weeks annually

Professional Indemnity Insurance

No long term contract - we're confident you will be happy with our services and we'll be the right fit to help you grow your business

Why use a host agency?
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Why your own business?
Imagine your full potential, reached. With your own business you're in control of your future

Marketing Muscle
Your own stand alone customisable website and personalised email newsletter delivered to your clients for you

Your Own Website
Work more efficiently with our custom built suite of technology tools and resources to help you manage your business

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As a host agency we help you build your own business, promoting your own brand, not ours. It's what sets us apart

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